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firefox When you get a call from a telemarketer, type the phone number into the blank at the left. Then, submit a complaint about the solicitor. This helps update our database with the latest information. Also, please take a look at our partner site, Telemarketer Catcher.

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Nov 5

1 Million Searches Our users have now searched for telemarketers more than 1 million times using the Phone Spam Filter system. Judging from the number of comments submitted, our users have found this site to be a valuable resource. And, with each new comment, it becomes still more useful. So, keep submitting those comments!

Sept 10

100,000 Blocked Phone Numbers now has a database of more than 100,000 phone numbers provided by users! Every day our users make the list even more useful. Also, check out our international sites using the links near the top of the page.

Jun 11

Block Telemarketers Using Your Windows PC now offers Windows software that will automatically detect and hang up on telemarketers calling your home or business.

Apr 23

VOIP-Asterisk Integration has publicly released sample code for blocking telemarketers using the popular Asterisk PBX system. The integration takes less than 15 minutes.

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408-310-2371 - zedrickkhan This is one dude who's got a real mental issue, and a hell of a vendetta against Mr Duke John Duplle. First he spams random numbers that he thinks are men who his wife knows with threatening calls and vulgar messages containing pictures of his own p ...


503-794-7238 - J Bartley Robocall selling safety services to seniors. Number not in service when dialed back.


202-558-4573 - A Noying FAKE IRS line -- 'There is a problem with your taxes. Immediately call the IRS at this number before the IRS takes action against you.'


305-368-8333 - A Noying credit card rate tease


914-595-4549 - A Noying no audio, just a hangup. another site says police pledge