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Installing PhoneSpamFilter on Your Windows PC

firefox Just plug your Windows computer modem into your phone line and let take care of the rest. checks all incoming calls against its database. When a call comes in from a known telemarketer, your computer simply picks up the phone and hangs it up again, so you don't have to talk to the phone solicitor.


  • A PC with Windows 2000, XP or Vista
  • A modem
  • Caller ID service on your phone line

To install PhoneSpamFilter on your PC, download and run the installer from here. The program is called "YAC" and is a modified version of the well known open-source Caller ID package YAC.

More information

  • Each time a call comes in, the program will indicate its Caller ID in the bottom right corner of your screen and whether rejected the call.
  • On some computers, you will hear a brief dialtone after a call is rejected. To prevent this in Windows XP, go into your Control Panel, select Phone and Modem Options, select the modem in the Modems tab, select Properties, select the Modem tab and set Speaker volume to "Off".
  • The program will only work while your computer is on and connected to the phone line.
  • To make the program run when you start your computer, check out this guide from Microsoft

YAC is open-source software. To comply with its licensing terms, we provide full source code for the above package. Click here to get the source code.