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404-781-0512 / 4047810512 Complaint Log

11 Complaints


Extremely Annoyed They said they're from Kool Smiles. However, I called my local Kool Smiles and explained that this number keeps calling me claiming to be from Kool Smiles. My local KS said that NOBODY should be calling unless it's from their office or your local office to confirm an appointment. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE (404-781-0512) YOUR INFORMATION. I did further research on this number (as much as I could) and have found that this is a land line number in Atlanta, GA, phone provider is Southern Digital Network, Inc. DBA Fdn Comms, however that company was bought out by NuVox Communications (800-672-1450). I got this info through However, the phone providers won't do a damn thing about it. They'll just tell you to contact your local law enforcement. I suggest doing that. At least it'll be on file if it persists. If you continue to receive harrassing calls from this number, report them along with any other evidence if possible (times of calls, number of times they call, etc.) in a police report and the police will do further investigation and track down this number and owner. If I can gather anymore information I will gladly pass it along. I've been receiving harrassing calls from Kool Smiles (I've never even been there before) for about 3 months now and I'm sick of it!


Cecil Garcia I basically think its fair to call this stalking. Same female callers, Same call.


Seth Reed male callers called me repeatedly in the evening. jerk! Its always just an empty line


Ruby Morgan These callers call me again and again. Never say anything. Never a message. jerk!


Jesus Wood Whoever this is apparently knows a fair bit about me, given what he said on the phone. Sounds like a scam.


Anonymous Called but left no message.


Anonymous Automated message about some kind of lottery jackpot


Anonymous These jerks call me but I just dont bother answering. What's the point


Barbara Ross These sales cales are, quite frankly, insane. They dont listen to what I say, no matter how clearly phrased.


David Martinez I tried to call this number back and it was out of service. What to do?

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