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804-415-6039 / 8044156039 Complaint Log

7 Complaints


Barbara Guinn These people keep calling from morning to night. They need to stop. Don't know how they can get away with this when I am on the do not call list.


Derek Calls as FOP & leaves no message. Called the number back - can only leave message to return call. Call back from them is recording saying they are the Fundraising Information Center returning call - no one to talk to & no way to request removal from calling list. Reported it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 1-877-382-4357.


Jennifer Hernandez Who is this! I dont owe any male callers any money. They called my relative too, six times. When I answered, they finally said I wasnt even in their records.


Richard Carter These people who seem friendly ask for me to return the call, but I don't plan to bother. What's the point.


Anonymous I got two calls today, each about an hour after the one before it. I called back these mystery callers using my home number but got a busy signal two times. When I call on my cell it does ring but no one picks up. So soliciting!


Anonymous I dont like these people. I think they're raising money for some sort of politician. Anyway, they need to stop calling me.


Antonio Scott I basically think its fair to call this stalking. Same mystery callers, Same call.

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