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13 complaints - New Jersey, Massachusetts - Jersey City, Hackensack, Cambridge, Union City, Newark, Leonia, Morristown, Bayonne, Oradell, Englewood, Rochelle Park, Succasunna, Cliffside Park, Ramsey, Rutherford, Wayne, Dumont, Kearny, Caldwell, Ridgewood, Hasbrouck Heights, Westwood, Wyckoff, Fair Lawn, Teaneck, Closter, Park Ridge, Maywood, Mahwah, Oakland, Teterboro, Secaucus, Newton, Elizabeth, Weehawken, New Brunswick, Passaic, Vernon, Orange

  • Affinity - 3-1-2014 4:45:37PM

    A major source of anger and frustration to insurance QuotesChimp is the seeming unfairness with which companies choose to raise rates or cancel policies if a policyholder makes a claim. You know the scenario: Someone has been with a company for 10 years without a claim and then, bang, they are in an accident. The company pays the benefits and then, pow, it cuts the policyholder loose as a poor risk.

  • Ciro - 2-8-2014 12:26:55PM

    Wow,The scenario seems to be have been pelyad out to perfection by SG and GOI. Wait for September? Why?Even if the Court asks SG as to when can he be available, he can always fall sick on that date, and then what do you do? Question is why only SG has to appear? Is there any legal rulings on this? Why can not some one else appear on behalf of GOI? I am sure there must be 100s of other legal officers in the team of SG>any one please educate us [url=]unpqnrz[/url] [link=]ndchcs[/link]

  • Marcin - 2-7-2014 7:17:04AM

    Houses haven't needed HIPs for over a year now. When they were requerid, it was quite a complex process and no, an intelligent person couldn't put it together themselves. You had to have people who were qualified to do certain inspections and tests and each of them would put together their bit.Your solicitor can advise you on all that type of thing and any current legislation.Oh, and one bit of advice, even if you are selling privately, get a solicitor involved, it will cost you, but it's worth it long termReferences : Moved house 3 years ago and also know of friends who tried to do it without solicitors. Was this answer helpful?

  • Umi - 2-5-2014 6:22:10AM

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  • Ton - 1-27-2014 11:43:06PM

    My brother beoomarkkd this site for me and I have been going through it for the past several hours. This is really going to aid me and my friends for our class project. By the way, I enjoy the way you write.

  • Floyd Hall - 4-29-2008 7:21:30PM

    If you try to return their call, these mystery callers just dont pick up. I'm not sure what to do.

  • Michelle King - 4-12-2008 1:11:30AM

    I dont want to give money to your annoying charity! All I want is a reasonably peaceful sunday evening. Thanks!

  • Allan Martin - 3-16-2008 7:01:30PM

    This number calls me 3 days a week, at least 3 times every day.

  • 2-16-2008 7:09:30PM

    I dont want to give money to your telemarketing charity! All I want is a reasonably peaceful sunday evening. Thanks!

  • Helen Gonzales - 2-4-2008 3:58:30PM

    No way a silly little thing lie the no-call list is going to stop these people.

  • Lonnie Martinez - 12-31-2007 10:15:30PM

    I dont want to give money to your loudmouth charity! All I want is a reasonably peaceful sunday evening. Thanks!

  • 12-17-2007 12:27:30AM

    I basically think its fair to call this stalking. Same mystery callers, Same call.

  • Heather Jenkins - 12-11-2007 1:40:30AM

    jerks called me repeatedly in the evening. ridiculous! Its always just an empty line

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