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Occasionally, someone's telephone number is added to the database inadvertently or incorrectly by Phone Spam Filter users. Use the form below to request your number be removed and added to our "whitelist" of non-solicitor phone numbers. Please make sure and include a detailed description of why your number should be removed. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee we will remove your number or comments about it. It does however mean we will investigate the situation and potentially take action if a clear mistake has been made.

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Phone Spam Filter is a free service designed to assist the general public in determining which callers are annoying telemarketers. Our goal is to develop a complete database of all the phone solicitors out there, so you can stop receiving calls trying to sell you products and services.

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Phone Spam Filter offers the ability to identify and block telemarketers around the world. Here is a list of our current set of international websites:
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